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Will I regret quitting a sport? Yes!!

You may be feeling discouraged more often than usual because from your vantage point you aren’t doing as well as you should, your teammates thinks so too, your coach doesn’t think otherwise and neither does your dad whose been supportive this whole time until a few months ago when you lost a match.

It is natural to fail or experience a setback once or twice in life and what makes the difference between you and the next person is how you handle it, and sport is no exception.

The following points should convince you otherwise :

There’s room for improvement

When it involves sport, the fact that you are not so good at the moment does not define your future as long as you do not quit, you can always get better, there’s always room for improvement and winners realize that.

Sports make leaders

Sporting opportunities are undeniably numerous, with sports you can achieve the goal of being the best player in that field be it baseball, javelin throws, basketball, lawn tennis, hockey, hiking, soccer etc and simultaneously be an example for generations to come. Sports pay off in the long run, you do what you love doing and get paid and recognized for doing it so wonderfully, that is a rare combination.

Better Sleep

Sport may trigger your nerves to feel more relaxed and release toxins that keeps you in a better mood and promote your happiness. Sports allows you to unwind and take part in an activity that improves your fitness. If you play outdoor sports, you can benefit from fresh air which is known to promote a better night’s sleep.

Training is never wasted

The constant training you make time for and indulge wholeheartedly in, can come in handy anytime, presently or in futuristic times. This is why you shouldn’t quit so easily, you never know when the opportunity will come knocking.

Regret is worse than failure

The fact that your sport dream looks impossible does it mean it is and trigger you to quit for fear of failing at it. Winners do not nurse such thoughts, they give their best. You do not want to live a life of constant wish that you could have done it to the end than give up in between or even before you got started. Regret is terrible it steals your joy and brings unhappiness, depression, an unnecessary sense of shame, and anxiety. It’s always better to fail with honor than to never try.

Boost Health

Sport obviously works for fitness and health especially with the lungs and heart keeping it healthy and strong enough to pump blood efficiently and sufficiently. Strong hearts can improve overall body health.

Forge better and new relationships

Sport pulls together different people from different localities, backgrounds, and beliefs to coexist and share common interests and values. This act of meeting people help with improving interpersonal relationships, communication and tolerance levels as well as open opportunities to build great networks that may play a unique role towards building your sport career or business goals both nationally or internationally.

These are just about a few reasons why you should not quit playing sport, there is just so much you might be losing out on.

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