Fat Burning Exercises with a Difference

We are used to general exercises with general effects, but only few of us can truly boast of specific exercises to help us achieve specific fitness goals. This article discusses one wing of specific exercises for people who have been looking for natural and safe ways to burn fat from their bodies.

So, to that end – below are hand picked super effective fat burning exercises you can practice even from the comfort of your home if you have the necessary equipments and is disciplined enough to do what is required or perhaps in the nearest gym, to help you get your desired look.

But before you get started, you might want to consider these few tips

  • Stay within your limit – Most persons are so eager to burn off fats from their bodies that they attempt to keep up with exercising even when their body has given several symptoms to take a break. While some, seem to want to do almost all exercises at a go. It doesn’t work that way, you will need patience and consistency, to achieve maximum results listen to your body language and stay within it limit, do not compete with anyone but yourself.
  • Stay Hydrated – Before an after any exercise routine always be sure you’re well hydrated. That is to say, drink enough water. Also you can opt for sports drinks that are basically without much sugar content.

Most of these exercises require about 30 seconds rest intervally after completing each one and they are arranged in no particular order.


To effectively do burpees, your hands should be placed on the floor, and your feet sprung back then do a press up, then pull your feet back in and spring back up. This ought to be repeatedly done at least for a minute.


You will need a box to successfully pull off side box jumps. Spring yourself up and hop on top of the box with both feet. It strengthens legs and core.


This is easy, pick any side to begin with. Stand comfortably half lowered as though you mean to squat and hop from left to right and right to left while keeping yourself lowered as much as you can. Then keep going for about ten times.


This is not as easy as it sounds or look. Jump with both legs while advancing forward or use a box jump over it and back over it again.


It is called decline for a reason. Commence like you would in a press up position, jump your feet onto a box and repeat same back down. Your heart rate and arms will usually feel the impact of this exercise.


Quite easy one here. Raise your knees high up to your waist level then jog on the spot, support your arms for full body engagement. This exercise keeps your legs, cardio and core in great condition.


These are effective exercise for fat burning, and leaves proof on your core and arms. Place your hands on a step this will give you an incline press up position. Then adjust one knee in and then back out. Do same for the other knee and straighten it back out. Repeat for at least a minute.

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