Benefits of doing planks everyday

Certainly you must have come across people who seem to master the nitty-gritty of planks and do it with so much ease, well at least so it looks. You just cannot stop but wonder how they could hold up their body for so long without fidgeting. However, you must have come across the phrase “practice makes perfect”, there you go.

Planks are a type of exercise that requires participants to maintain a position akin to a push up for the maximum possible time. Planks involve strength and endurance, but of course you will only improve or get better with practice. It is certainly not as simple as the eyes capture it and our minds interpret it to be. Some persons can go on planks for about a few minutes but experts opinion advices maximum of two minutes to avoid health issues and complications.

Planks provide us with a number of benefits especially when done supervised and with a certain routine. Below are a few benefits of planks everyday:

1. Planks promote stability

The first benefit of plank exercise is evident in your muscles. Planks are focused on musc development and building. Your muscles guide your movements and gives your body coordination. It controls the directions too, as well as flexibility. At such your shoulders, arms, and other ball socket joints are the main target points of planks, making them stable and stronger.

2. Improves Your posture

Planks strengthens your core muscles, this include your diaphragm, pelvic floor, internal obliques, and abs, at such the impact it leaves on them directly plays out on your postures. Normally, your core muscles supports your spine and aid your body to maintain an upright position especially when sitting and standing erect. Preforming planks keeps these muscles not just strong and healthy but agile and active.

3. Reducing lower back ache

Poor posture places pressure on the muscles in your back and allows for poor shape when extreme but planks has been proven to literally reduce these back aches or even eliminate them if carried out regularly and correctly.

4. Promotes improved balance

When you perform planks, you hold all your weight on your arms and toes without falling over on either side. This improves your body’s ability to maintain balance and grasping which is an attribute for whole body fitness.

5. Improves cardiovascular tissues

Your breathing in and out gets better with planks, and so does your cardiovascular tissues. There is also the benefit of lower risk of cardiac arrest and all other related heart diseases.

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In summary, the benefits of planks are quite worth your time and effort. However, it is best achieved with guide especially if you have any health problems or trying to achieve a certain fitness goal.

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