5 Amazing benefits of stretches?

Stretches have been with man and perhaps even as old as man itself but was mostly done unconsciously and without any form of commitment and routine. Stretches had amalgamated a lot since then, and currently involve the use of equipment, guides and instructors to facilitate the process more efficiently. Stretches are important both before any physical activity and just for the sake of it. Let’s get right to knowing more more about stretches.

Benefits of Stretches:

Can better posture

Sitting at our office desk, lying down etc are things we all do and this when in excess without stretching will contribute to bad posture among other issues. However, when you stretch your muscles loosen up. Those muscles around your hips, back, chest, arms and the likes especially if they were tightened become loosened enough for a lot of activities and straighten our postures.

Stretches Improves Breathing

Stretches come in different styles and one of them requires focus on a particular body part while at a particular position. This type is known as static stretches. It accounts for concentration and mindfulness. It also works on your breathe that way it will activate your nerves to good functionality and responses.

Can Reduce Aging

Yes, you read right. Aging is a normal process for humans and as we grow, we age daily and this is a good thing especially if we are still strong and then barely look it. So, it’s very likely that most of us would like to maintain our bodies that way for as long as we can, this owe to the many reasons why some of us go the extra miles for surgeries and beauty creams among other measures. It may interest you to know there is better and an even more effective way to handle aging, and stretches are a good choice and a lot better. Everyday stretching can be your magic tonic to reduce that rapt aging.

Can reduce risk of Injury:

Did that come as a shock to you, well apart from making your body feel light, active and flexible. When you do not warm up or stretch out before attempting any physical activity or rigorous exercise you stand a chance of an injury. Stretches prevent your chances of having an injury all together, as far as you can stretch increases the possibility and length which a muscle can move and indirectly reduces the possibility of sustaining an injury as well as combats soreness by alleviating the pain and providing you with refreshed comfort, and readiness for any function immediately.

Can Assist in Child Birth

Just like the effect of exercises on expectant mothers, stretching helps greatly. It reduces the discomfort that comes with carrying another human within you. These include but not limited to fatigue, stress, tension, aches etc. It improves your bowl movement and reduces the pain that comes with child birth.

Note: Expectant Mothers should stretch with supervision to prevent complications or any emergencies.

The above are quite true and works equally for everyone, leaving the very same effect on their nerves, muscles, brains and every part of their body with no respect to skin colour or race etc across the globe.

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